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I'm Mona, 20, from San Diego. Cars, sex, kustom kulture, rockabilly lifestyle, making jewelry, writing, antiquing & vintage things is what I live for. I am a raging rebel inside. I post a lot of pictures of myself cause it makes me feel good. Here's what I look like. I am currently trying my best to recover from depression & cutting. You can view some of my personal diary here. I am taken by a true gentleman. Ask me any invasive questions. I'm an open book... Instagram @she_digs_rocknroll
Rock'n'Roll (/-_-)/

He’s always tired and I’m never horny. Wow this sucks. Haven’t had sex in over a week.

excuse me

1. selfie
2. what would you name your future kids?
3. do you miss anyone?
4. what are you looking forward to?
5. is there anyone who can always make you smile?
6. is it hard for you to get over someone?
7. what was your life like last year?
8. have you ever cried because you were so annoyed?
9. who did you last see in person?
10. are you good at hiding your feelings?
11. are you listening to music right now?
12. what is something you want right now?
13. how do you feel right now?
14. when was the last time someone of the opposite sex hugged you?
15. personality description
16. have you ever wanted to tell someone something but you didn't?
17. opinion on insecurities.
18. do you miss how things were a year ago?
19. have you ever been to New York?
20. what is your favourite song at the moment?
21. age and birthday?
22. description of crush.
23. fear(s)
24. height
25. role model
26. idol(s)
27. things i hate
28. i'll love you if...
29. favourite film(s)
30. favourite tv show(s)
31. 3 random facts
32. are your friends mainly girls or guys?
33. something you want to learn
34. most embarrassing moment
35. favourite subject
36. 3 dreams you want to fulfill?
37. favourite actor/actress
38. favourite comedian(s)
39. favourite sport(s)
40. favourite memory
41. relationship status
42. favourite book(s)
43. favourite song ever
44. age you get mistaken for
45. how you found out about your idol
46. what my last text message says
47. turn ons
48. turn offs
49. where i want to be right now
50. favourite picture of your idol
51. star sign
52. something i'm talented at
53. 5 things that make me happy
54. something thats worrying me at the moment
55. tumblr friends
56. favourite food(s)
57. favourite animal(s)
58. description of my best friend
59. why i joined tumblr
60. ask me anything you want


I literally need a vintage girl friend, badly
someone who wants to go get our nails done together and have sleepovers and order pizza and dye eachothers hair and set it and watch 40’s/50’s/60s films and pour over the clothes and do impressions and just a girl to feel completely comfortable around, who’s into the same stuff and just a lady friend to have a laugh with really.

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I will always find Nicki as an amazing sex symbol and so incredibly beautiful.

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I’m at that awkward age where half my friends are engaged or having babies, and the other half are too drunk to find their phones.

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