What's Rockin'?

I'm Mona, 20, from San Diego. Cars, sex, kustom kulture, rockabilly lifestyle, making jewelry, writing, antiquing & vintage things is what I live for. I am a raging rebel inside. I post a lot of pictures of myself cause it makes me feel good. Here's what I look like. I am currently trying my best to recover from depression & cutting. You can view some of my personal diary here. I am taken by a true gentleman. Ask me any invasive questions. I'm an open book... Instagram @she_digs_rocknroll
Rock'n'Roll (/-_-)/

Im so skittish today. It’s rather annoying. Blood pressure is up, shakiness, my heart is beating hard, & my stomach is all knotted up. I drove earlier today like an idiot cause I’ve been so anxious. Hope it doesn’t get worse with these new meds. Ugh it ruins everything. I think im just going to stick to decaf coffee from now on and see how that helps.
&now I gotta go to work…

Someone called me out on taking so many selfies and now I feel guilty lol



Etta James - I’d Rather Go Blind

I like really sad music, but damn I love this song SO much. It just rips right through me. Not the meaning, well part of it, but the feelings, the emotions, she was pulling from inside. SOUL, in spades.

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Anonymous asked: Dear ex boyfriend,


Dear ex boyfriend,
Sorry I cheated on you. Guess I never really loved you like that. We had some super fun times. Ours will always be one of the funnest and drunkest relationships I had lol, but you were immature and a douche and just not my type.

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